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The presence of enthusiasts' vehicles in social media keep growing..

You just have to look at the different user and enthusiasts' profiles to realise that their main motivation isn't to be in contact not just with their friends, but with strangers that share a common passion, interests and aspirations.

Yet, to date, there is no automotive or motoring platform that dedicated itself to fulfill those enthusiasts' needs (and even less on a specific model). The only existing solutions provided are made on a global context, isolating each individual instead of rallying them around a passion and common interests.

At Nitro Ponies Network, we made the choice to focus on those enthusiasts' communities that are mainly grouped together around a specific model and not the entire range of a brand.

A platform totally dedicated to those communities needs, and fully modular to perfectly fit to the brand image and the vehicle's technical / mechanical specifications that any enthusiast have the rights to expect and embrace.

A platform built for the enthusiasts but not only :
Manufacturers, dealers, aftermarket suppliers, basicaly any entity that is connected to that specific vehicle in any way can reach its community at a worldwide scale, create close links and engage in a direct communication.

So we have chosen to release our first platform on a model that we particulary appreciate : The mazda mx-5 / miata / eunos roadster. Simply because we are enthusiasts first, and totally fans of that iconic and best-selling roadster.
Mx5 International (mx5i) will be released during summer 2016, pre-registrations have started on may, 21st 2016. Visit mx5international.com

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